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This article goes back more or less also to my childhood. As I was 13 years old, I sat in front of the PC with friends at that time, and we occupied ourselves above all with computer games. What particularly catched my interest at that time were the many options like "Roland", "AdLib" and similar. I wasn't aware at that time that there were also other alternatives to the ghastly tweeting by the PC speaker. With 15 years age, I finally had an AWE32 Value Edition.
Don't get misled from the title, this card was still far away from beeing cheap. It was prized at 340 German Marks 1995 (about 174 Euros or 195 dollars - without accounting for inflation) - however I finally could play everything with real sound!
Simultaneously, I held also a book named "PC Underground" in my hands. Not exactly outstanding, but filled with indications of the legendary Gravis Ultrasound and with scene demos.
During this time, I also learned to program the Sound Blaster. The book however quickly became an obstacle, because some information was completely incorrect, and so I got my information from somewhere else (my works for it still are available under the category "coding" on this web page).

However I still didn't know what "Roland" was. But also the rest of the sound options were interesting for me, and I finally searched the Web, and I found indications of a "LAPC-I" by Roland. Despite my efforts, it was not possible for me to get such a card in normal ways.
And while I had possessed some other legends, like the Gravis Ultrasound, long ago meanwhile, I finally got my LAPC-I in summer of 2002. Over this auction house, I had already gotten some other cards, and it still should do...
It is therefore not one of the cheapest hobbies, as you probably can imagine. Nevertheless I'm fascinated by the great sound that you already had in these former times - only they were quite exorbitant for me as teenager. And as these cards shouldn't collect dust in my wardrobe and remain unseen for years, they should now be described and shown as well as possible here.

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