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License agreement

  Copyright agreement, changes reserved.
  All these statements apply, if not explicitely stated different, on ANY
  file delivered with this package.


  This package is Freeware, as long as the product which uses it, is Freeware.

  You can use it freely in any kind of software with these restrictions:

  . You need to state the name of the package and also the names of the
    authors who did their hard work in this product on an often seen place
    of your product (intro/extro/info page etc.). Come on, it's for free, so
    this is the least thing you can do!

  . THE COMMERCIAL USE IS NOT FREE. You may use this package for commercial
    software. As long your software containing this library is not published, 
    you may use it for free -- see it as a trial to examine the libraries.
    But as soon as you want to publish, you need to contact me for a license. 

    Licenses only apply to the current development branch, e.g. an upgrade from 
    version 2.0 to 2.x is free, but not from 2.x to 3.x.


  You can use this package entirely in your own programs. Ripping any code 
  off and/or using parts (unimportant if modified or original) of this package
  somewhere else, e.g. in other packages, is not allowed without my


  . You are allowed to do modifications on the package. If they are useful, 
    let me know what you've done and give me the modifications, they may
    probably help others also.

  . Modifications concerning the existence and/or modification of any
    copyright/author/name statements are generally not allowed.

  . You are not allowed to publish modified sources, you may only use them in
    your own productions (where these sources aren't published). Other actions
    require my permission.


  If not differently stated, you aren't allowed to distrubute any of the
  delivered units single, you have to spread the package with all files.

  If you don't agree with these statements, please erase this sofware.
  If you don't understand a part, feel free to contact me.


Eine Email senden Über diese Site